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Solar Power System installation (SPS)

Depending on our country’s epileptic power supply is quite burdensome, so it is a welcome improvement to go for a Solar Power System to enjoy stable electricity. TONTI SOLAR POWER SYSTEMS are durable and reliable; they last for a period of 20-25 years with proper maintenance. We sell, install and run maintenance on Solar panels, inverters and batteries for

Security Solutions

We offer a wide range of Security Solutions that keep your home and office secure, Here is a list of our Security services:

CCTV is a surveillance security system that monitors human activities within an environment. This system enables camera images to be monitored, controlled, recorded and re-viewed on a computer system. It is cost effective and convenient for residential or estate security.

Allows you to only view visitors on an electronic wall mounted set without having to open the door, gate or window to confirm your visitor. This system also provides the option of automatic opening of the entrance gate after confirming your visitor. It provides you with the best comfort especially for tall buildings.

This is an electronic security system designed to alert and prevent against fire incidents.

Prevents intruders from gaining access into your apartment through the use of confidential codes or an electronic programmed card to access your apartment. You also get alerted when an unauthorized person tries to gain access into your home.

Alerts you or the security guard of a burglar in the building. It comprises of some human detective units which can be used to monitor sensitive areas of a building.

Converts existing mechanical locks into an access control system. With electronic lock cylinders, programmable cyber keys and cyber audit software you can create a powerful system to track and control access to every lock in your facility.

ICT Solutions

Information and Communication management is very crucial to the growth of any organization with the popular saying that information is power and communication is life. TONTI POWER AND I.T SOLUTIONS offer

LAN, MAN and WAN hardware installations such as hubs, switches, protocol converters, bridges, PABX and Gateways. Installation of Network servers running Microsoft windows, Nowell Netware, LINUX and UNIX based systems. In addition we also provide network peripherals for Data Centres such as Print servers, CD ROM Servers, Firewall Servers, Mail Servers, Internet and Modem Sharing devices.

We resell and install Remote Access Systems and WAN hardware Such as Routers, Multiplexers and Satellite Communication Antennas. We also deploy VON, VOIP, RF Radio, Vsat and Microwave Solutions.

A telephoning system that makes communication within different sections in an enclosed building or blocks of building possible. This allows easy flow of information and communication in your organization


We provide consistent services by helping to identify opportunities in I.C.T, Power and Security strength of organizations. TONTI POWER AND I.T SOLUTIONS equally gives professional advice to clients on their I.C.T , Power and Security requirements.

We also give professional advice on house automation and Structured Cabling System, providing total modular cabling solutions designed for voice, data and video for building management systems. Cable testing services, Close-setting, Patching and Fiber Optic Cabling are also provided.

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