About Us

TONTI POWER AND I.T SOLUTIONS is a one stop I.C.T (information and communication technology), Power and Security Solutions company. We offer services in sales, installation and maintenance of Advanced Integrated Security Systems (AISS) products, Solar Power Systems and Cabling Systems.

Our AISS products give you access and control over what goes on in
your environment, giving you a sense of security wherever you are.

We also provide you with a steady source of renewable power supply and a reliable cable system that keeps you connected to the world.

Our goal of establishment is to positively contribute to the
development of I.C.T, Power and Security sectors of the Nigerian economy. We are a value adding company that combines expertise and experience to provide state of the art technology for these sectors.

Various organizations and corporate players including government parastatals and agencies are harnessing the technological resources
available to their reach for growth and development of their services.

With this growing technological development, it is clear to all that Information management, Power and Advanced Security are major tools in achieving any meaningful success in any business environment.

The degree of management of information, security of property and lives and efficient power supply makes the difference between the successes of an organization from another crystal clear. The
realization of this fact has created a rare opportunity and market for these industries.

Therefore we at TONTI POWER AND I.T SOLUTIONS have invested our time and resources in providing efficient and reliable I.C.T, Power and Security solutions. We have put together a highly

motivated team of professionals who offer complete project management services which include planning, liaison and implementation of solutions in the I.C.T, Power and Security industries.

Our Mission

Providing state of the art solutions in the I.C.T, Power and Security sector of the Nigerian economy.

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