Why you have to switch to Solar?
solar panels and wind generators under blue sky on sunset

Why you have to switch to Solar?

Unstable power supply saddled with the high cost of electricity bill is a thorn in the flesh for every Nigerian. Many companies have shut down due to poor power supply which makes it impossible to meet up with daily targets. Factories especially cannot run without adequate power supply, making them spend millions of naira yearly on diesel to run their business. These issues led to the creation of an alternate source of energy which we know today as Solar energy. Through the use Solar panels, light energy from the sun is converted into electricity. This new source of energy makes it less burdensome to carry the weight of maintaining a steady power supply through the use of generators which pollute our environment due to harmful gas emission when in use. Solar energy is reliable, clean, cost effective and inexhaustible as its energy is gotten from the sun and does not need diesel to keep it running.

Benefits of Solar Energy

Energy Security

Solar energy increases energy security in the country as individuals and organizations can rely on the renewable and unlimited supply of energy from the sun at any point in time

Clean Energy

Solar Energy is carbon-monoxide free as no harmful gas emission is released into the planet’s atmosphere when electricity is produced by the solar panel unlike other forms of power supply.

No investment risk

The process of sunlight transforming into electricity doesn’t require any diesel to achieve this compared to other forms of power generation. The sun provides more than enough energy the world needs daily and it won’t run out anytime soon.


Solar power system last for up to 20-25 years with proper maintenance. It is weather friendly and easy to use.


Solar Power can be deployed on an industrial scale or a single household scale. When deployed on a much smaller scale, energy can be stored in a battery that is fed back into the electricity grid. It is a suitable power system that fits your needs for your home or business.


The cost depends on how many panels are installed but it becomes much more affordable as the demand for it rises.

How it works

Solar power System makes use of sun rays to supply energy that is transformed into electricity with the use of solar panels and inverters. The solar panels are placed on the roof of your building facing the sun which absorbs sunlight; this process is known as the Photovoltaic process. The energy from the sun, through the solar panel is transferred into the inverter which transforms it into electricity that is fed into the electricity grid which supplies light to your home or office. The sun supplies more than enough light you can possibly consume totally so this extra energy is stored in a battery that can be used later.

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